Social Media Propaganda and the Pak Army


Ali Anwar

For some time now, baseless propaganda against the Pakistani army is once again being spread on social media. Propaganda is being used as a weapon by enemy elements to create a rift between officers and personnel of the Pakistani army, and the army is being defamed in the name of politics.
In this regard, the 264th Corps Commanders’ Conference was held under Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir.
According to ISPR, the Corps Commanders’ Conference expressed concern over the unethical propaganda campaign aimed at undermining the morale of the armed forces and rejected the campaign based on baseless allegations against the army.
The conference stated that they would not allow efforts to create discord between the people and the armed forces to succeed. Strict action will be taken in accordance with the law and constitution against the propaganda campaign based on unethical practices.
In the past, through my columns, I have repeatedly tried to inform the public about how the youth are being targeted for the Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW).
And what is this Fifth Generation Warfare? The reason to discuss this issue once again is that the enemy has started using this weapon rapidly.
The basic weapons of the Fifth Generation Warfare are not tanks and missiles, but diplomacy, TV, radio, newspapers, social media, films, and the economy.
This battle is not fought on the ground but through the minds of people; instead of targeting people’s bodies, their minds are targeted.
The enemy does not deploy its troops in another country but rather uses the people of that country against themselves to achieve its objectives.
Now a game is being played to tarnish the image of the Pakistani army by linking political actions against the army with the youth.
For the past few days, efforts have been made to brainwash our youth into believing that the government’s actions against a specific political party are being carried out by the Pakistani army.
Political actions and the freedom of the press are being used to manipulate the Pakistani army. The enemy is aware that if they can poison the minds of our youth against the army, it will be easy to destabilize Pakistan.
Because it is clear every day that the Pakistani army is the one that protects our borders and the guardian of our national ideologies.
A narrative is being constructed that ties the corruption or disorder in the country’s politics and elections to the Pakistani army, exploiting the fears of political parties.
If we talk about freedom of expression, Pakistan has much more freedom of expression compared to many countries in the world; you can say anything to anyone here.
If I give example, India claims to be the champion of democracy and the largest democracy in the world, but if you look at the situation of freedom of expression there, recently India imposed restrictions on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, and the Twitter office was raided.
In China, there is no Facebook, Twitter, or such apps; they have their own system through which people use social media.
When we look at our neighbouring countries, it becomes clear that compared to them, Pakistan allows its people the freedom to express their opinions, but some are misusing it.
Freedom of expression does not mean you tell outsiders about your family matters and say this is freedom of expression.
If we look at international media, it presents Pakistan as a failed state, and their effort is to present Pakistan as a dangerous country for journalists and ordinary people, which is contrary to reality.
This is also part of the Fifth Generation Warfare to propagate so much against someone that they begin to doubt the truth. Every day, efforts are made to drag the army into politics and associate political actions with the army based on falsehoods.
This is the time to support our army and not let it be distracted from its real goals by unnecessary distractions.
Propaganda is also a tool of the Fifth Generation Warfare, and it is an important weapon. The theory of Fifth Generation Warfare is a battle in which efforts are being made to promote false theories.
Because this war is not fought with bullets and guns but with mental thinking and expressions, whoever has the strongest narrative and can effectively propagate it will succeed in this war.
Instead of trying to kill enemy troops, the wisdom of rendering them ineffective is emphasized.
The enemy’s goal is to spread so much poison and hatred against Pakistan’s people that they start hating their own army. But, by the grace of Allah, this conspiracy of the enemy will fail.
Because people have understood the enemy’s tactics and they will not fall for their deceit.
Pakistan’s proud people will always stand by their army as they have in the past, and this Fifth Generation Warfare will backfire on the enemy. The bond of brotherhood and affection between the Pakistani army and the people will be even stronger, InshaAllah.

The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.