Sonakshi Sinha: I Got Trolled Even For Taking A Stand Against Trolling


ISLAMABAD : Sonakshi Sinha, who quit Twitter due to the increasing vitriol and hate that she was subjected to, has now started an initiative called AbBas, which takes a stand against online abuse and bullying. Ever since the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, star kids have been trolled relentlessly for their privilege and nepotism.
When asked about the same to the actress, Sinha stated, We’re all here today because our audience has accepted us to some extent whether it’s an insider or an outsider. We respect that. If audience doesn’t accept a person, his career won’t go anywhere. So, it’s sad to attack star kids… we work hard and put in as much hard work as anybody else.”
She also added, “I find it so amusing that this word nepotism has been introduced and sensationalized by a person whose sister is managing their work. And I don’t think I really want to give it that much more importance. Having said that, my father has never picked up the phone and called any producer to say, ‘Take my daughter in your film.'”
She spoke about the menace of social media and how she was trolled even for taking a stand against trolling. She said, “People feel that by just hiding behind the screen they are anonymous and can say whatever they want to, and in whichever way they want. Definitely, democracy has been misused when it comes to social media and online harassment.”