Song and Dance


According to news reports by the Israeli media, Pakistan has not learned much from the hullaballoo in Islamabad just months ago over similar developments. A delegation was said to visit Israel to kick the ball rolling for some back-channel talks. Allegedly led by former minister of state Nasim Ashraf, the group also included a journalist from Karachi.
Whether they had the official blessing to go sightseeing has not yet been confirmed, but just the buzz itself was enough to stir a list of charges from the opposing leaders. Quite expectedly, PTI’Shireenen Mazari was one of the first to inquire from the ministry of foreign affairs about its part in “this betrayal.” Ever since former prime minister Imran Khan was shown the door by a vote of no-confidence, his party has been very passionate about his portrayal as a victim of US conspiracy–something believed to extend into official recognition of Israel.
With the Saudi Kingdom already jumping aboard the Abrahamic Accords bandwagon, many eyes are set on the normalisation of our ties with Tel Aviv. And while it was only on Tuesday that Foreign Minister, for the umpteenth time, reiterated his country’s commitment to bloodied and battered struggle of Palestinians in a meeting of the OIC Committee, his allies would need to proactively pitch in if they wish to clear the air. Again!
That it is now a matter of when rather than if Pakistan would give in to the pressures of its Arab brethren and accept the olive branch has long been in the air. Despite being sacked by national television, the journalist who attended the last such mission was not made into a pariah. Surprisingly, he was defended by a large brigade of mainstream journalists.
While the official narrative still relates to the Islamic brotherhood, our commitment to the cause has now reached its expiration date. When our rich Muslim brothers have been lured by the economic sweeteners, what use can our heated rallies and passionate trends on social media be to those at the mercy of Israeli soldiers? Pakistan cannot wait any longer to make its move. If the powers that be choose to create a difference from the inside, they should put the priorities about the welfare and security of Palestinians on full display. This confusing song and dance better end soon.