State is concealing this fact terrorism has risen: Raza Rabbani


PPP leader and former chairman Senate Raza Rabbani has said the state is concealing this fact that the terrorism has risen in the country particularly in KP since the last few months.

In a statement issued here Thursday he said emergence of TTP despite ceasefire has made it clear that the state wants to keep the people in darkness.

There are solid evidence of demands made in the cases of kidnapping for ransom and attacks with intervals. People of Swat staged big rallies against the terrorism.

He regretted that the state relied on imposing anti terrorism act on the innocent citizens. The state has failed to provide basic infrastructure even after four years of merger of FATA in KP .

He underlined the state has refused to go for engagement with the peaceful civilian movements against the militants.

I have repeatedly demanded that joint session of two houses of parliament be summoned for discussing the growing terrorism but no one has paid heed to it.