Suicide bomber blasts fields near police station


Mardan: Mardan police escaped a major disaster, the suicide bomber who entered through the wall in Chora police station exploded in the nearby fields, the body of the suicide bomber was divided into several pieces, the police surrounded the area, the police officers under the RPO reached the spot. A search operation has been started in the region, and an alert has been issued in the entire region. According to the details, an unknown suicide bomber exploded in the nearby fields before entering the police station. The sound of the explosion was heard far and wide. G.I., RPO Mardan Muhammad Ali, DPO Mardan Irfanullah and other security officers reached the spotRegional Police Officer Mardan while issuing a redalert in the entire region said that Mardan Police has been saved from a major disaster. The sacrifices of the force are eternal. A case was registered against the unknown terrorists in Chora police station and a search operation was started. Our Correspondent