Syed Mustafa Tanvir assumes charge of SSP (Traffic)


ISLAMABAD: An officer of police services of Pakistan, Syed Mustafa Tanvir, has assumed the charge of SSP (Traffic) Islamabad. He was welcomed by Acting SP (Traffic) Majid Iqbal and other Senior Officers of ITP on his arrival at office. The newly appointed SSP (Traffic) has earlier served as SP City and Rural Zones and SSP (Operations). He met with the In-charges of all branches after assuming the charge and issued Necessary directions. On the eve of charge assumption, he briefed the ITP personnel and said that they (ITP Personnel) should be polite but firm on their stance while enforcement. He directed the staffers that all out efforts would be carried out for providing disciplined traffic system to the road users and to implement equal application of law and to control the traffic violation. SSP (Traffic) said that better services should be provided to the citizens with concentration on helping the road users apart from enforcement. He appealed the citizens to avoid from traffic violation and help ITP in bring better traffic culture in the city because traffic discipline reflects the civilization of a nation. Our Correspondent