Terror on the Rise Again


Opposition senators are justified in seeking an explanation from Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid about rising incidents of terrorism in the country. Perhaps the minister would also reveal just why, when a new Baloch separatist outfit took responsibility for the Anarkali bombing in Lahore on Thursday, he claimed that TTP had in fact carried out that particular hit? What did he base his information on, and how did it find its way to him? There should also be a very detailed explanation about how the government intends to handle the TTP threat now that peace talks have failed and the Taliban are not honouring their word of not allowing any group to use their soil to plan attacks on other countries.
Something also needs to be said about how the resurgent wave of terrorism doesn’t seem to be troubling the government as much as the people. Clearly, nobody’s forgotten the horrible days when we had to pay with more than 80,000 lives for the war against terrorism inside our own borders. And even though everybody breathed a sigh of relief when that ugly war was ultimately won, some still questioned if the price wouldn’t have been less steep if we had taken action sooner. Inevitably, and understandably, such questions are being asked once again.
The people of Pakistan would also like to know just why we take so much trouble for Afghanistan, even risk our reputation in the international community, when the Taliban leadership is clearly refusing to entertain our concerns about TTP despite recognizing the problem and promising to take care of it. It would be one thing to take a diplomatic, even economic, hit for a neighbour’s survival. But when it translates into terror attacks and suicide bombings inside Pakistan, then the government definitely needs to be held accountable. If it had leverage enough to bring the Taliban to the table and help end a war that lasted more than two decades, surely it has enough influence on the Taliban to sort out our own TTP problem. The people expect some answers; beginning with the interior minister.