Terrorism and Long March


Ali Anwar

For some time now, baseless propaganda is being done against the Pakistan Army on the issue of missing persons and people who are victims of personal enmity are also being used for propaganda against the Pakistan Army and in this the people of Balochistan are being used. As far as the people who died in Balochistan are concerned, some people are using missing persons and terrorists killed by the police in a campaign against the Pakistan Army, which is very necessary to remedy. I will present to you the truth of this poisonous propaganda being spread against the Pakistan Army.
First of all, let me introduce Balach Baloch, was he an innocent citizen or was he related to a terrorist group?
According to confirmed information, Balach was an informer of the Baloch terrorist organization BLA.
On November 20, 2023, Balach Baloch was arrested with five kilograms of explosives and was formally remanded to physical custody by the court during interrogation, Balach Baloch admitted that he belonged to the terrorist organization BLA and that he was also involved in several terrorist incidents and along with the explosive material with which he was arrested, he was supposed to carry out a terrorist attack along with his colleagues in Turbat city but fell into the hands of the law enforcement agencies. On his identification, the forces raided the hideout of his associates in Pisni, and Balach Baloch was also killed in the fight between the terrorists and the forces.
It was Balach Baloch who is being presented as innocent and for the sake of whom a long march was also taken out which is currently in Islamabad and the forces which conducted this long march are also slowly coming before the nation because Through this march, an attempt is being made to defame the state of Pakistan and the law enforcement agencies, and for this, foreign forces are also actively involved, but I am not wrong if they are supporting the long marchers.
There is no doubt that India is helping these terrorists. and apart from this, propaganda is being done against the country and the army under the guise of highlighting the issue of missing persons.
Women and children are being used as shields and what is the reason why this march counted on fingers was not accepted in the whole of Balochistan Mahrang Baloch took Inciting and using social media against Pakistan is not for no reason, surely there is a deep conspiracy behind it which needs to be unearthed. It is now necessary to draw a line between peaceful Baloch and terrorists as it has become clear that terrorist groups are trying to turn the world against Pakistan by using the name of peaceful Baloch people.
Because Pakistan’s economy is improving after difficult economic conditions, diplomatic relations are getting stronger and general elections are going to be held soon in the whole country, These malicious elements have no specific agenda to spread chaos, so in such a situation, a new drama is being created by giving the colour of provincialism to terrorist and Baloch separatist movements.
If there can be a march for the Balach Baloch terrorist, then from whom will the families of these thirty martyrs, the families of six Punjabi labourers take account of the blood of their loved ones who were martyred by the BLA in the incidents of terrorism this year. The bereaved should also march against BLA terrorism, and demand the return of their loved ones because they were martyred for the sake of the country, so their blood has no value and makes the blood of a terrorist precious.
All these are failed attempts to stop the series of dramas and tumultuous general elections, to disrupt law and order and to jam the wheel of the economy, which have been rejected by the people of Pakistan, including the Baloch people. Everyone remembers Gulzar Imam Shambe’s confession and apology and he admitted to the media that Baloch separatists attract common youth to terrorism and this move is not beneficial for the country and Baloch in any way. On the contrary, instead of getting an education, Baloch youths are joining terrorist organizations, which is causing their families to suffer.
Because when the Pakistan Army or law enforcement agencies capture these terrorists or they are killed in an encounter with the terrorist forces, then they are made into missing persons and an attempt is made to defame Pakistan. Such elements. It is our duty as Pakistanis to be aware of them and steps should be taken at the government level to neutralize their baseless propaganda because the soldiers of the Pakistan Army are giving their lives to foil their terrorist attempts. It is the duty of civil governments and citizens of Pakistan to strengthen the hands of the Pakistan Army in thwarting these plots of the enemy.
The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.