Thankless People


Ali Anwar

In 1979, when Russia invaded Afghanistan and sent its troops into Afghanistan, around five million Afghan refugees moved to Pakistan. On the good side, the Pakistani government and the people at that time also extended hospitality to the Afghans to remind them of the spirit of goodwill or Ansar-e-Medina, but at the same time, a culture that came to Pakistan with the war in Afghanistan, which in Pakistan Sectarianism also happened, it was the culture of Kalashnikovs and heroin and today in Pakistan you will find millions of people addicted to heroin and Kalashnikovs.
When Pakistan was freed from the British 76 years ago this month, Afghanistan was the only country that opposed Pakistan’s membership in the United Nations. When these Afghans faced a difficult time, it was Pakistan that hosted them. Now that the US has left Afghanistan with disaster, millions of Afghans are still in Pakistan, owning properties, and doing business here, it is good to mix yourself in a country culture where people are living, but to hate the same country that gave you shelter is not a sign of a good person or a good nation does not have these habits.
Recently, there have been many terrorist incidents in Pakistan, the fabrics of which are linked to Afghanistan, and at the same time, Afghanistan is also conspiring with India, the enemy of Pakistan. Now Afghanistan is also conniving with Pakistan’s enemy India and with the help of India, it is again playing the role of nurturing the scourge of terrorism in Pakistan.
Apparently, these people have covered the cloak of religion, but they have nothing to do with religion. Terrorist elements like Hafiz Gul Bahadur and Hafiz Noor Wali, who are not only famous for extorting money in the name of Islam but also for kidnapping for ransom and killing Pakistani people and soldiers of the Pakistan Army, have their hands stained. People like Hafiz Gul Bahadur and Hafiz Noor Wali aim to spread unrest in Pakistan at the behest of anti-Pakistan forces, massacre Pakistanis and attack Pakistan’s security forces in the name of Jihad.
A few days ago, a video also went viral on social media, which let me mentioned that in this video, it can be seen that some Afghans were torturing a Pakistani badly. The only fault of the Pakistani was that he had the Pakistani flag. All these gangsters also have the support of terrorists like Mufti Noor Wali and Hafiz Gul Bahadur. These two groups are neither well-wishers of Pakistan nor Islam. Their religion is dollar and religion is also money, for which they are fueling mischief in Pakistan to what extent are they practicing Islam according to reports, Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud has put a Head money of Hafiz Gul Bahadur 50 lakh Afghanis and announcements are being made from mosques in this regard in Afghanistan. They are also thirsty for each other’s blood and attack Pakistan by grouping for money from India.
As I mentioned, from the viral video on social media, it can be estimated that how much a common Afghan has hatred against Pakistan in his heart. These were common Afghans, You can see the attitude of their cricket team against Pakistan in the ground. They keep their body language against Pakistan in such a way that they are playing against the players of an enemy country, but as soon as they enter the field against India, their body language changes and their attitude becomes humble, creating a friendly atmosphere. It is done so that the players of India do not get angry because they are seen getting money from there. It is the players of Pakistan who taught the people of Afghanistan to play cricket, then their players came to Pakistan and played and learned from here, and some of their players’ homes are still in the tribal and KPK districts of Pakistan. Now the people of Pakistan also have to wake up and our institutions also have to remind these oblivious Afghans of their times and tell them that they should never involve in terrorist activities in Pakistan, one thing these Afghans should remember is that America came from outside while our roots are here in our land and we know very well how to protect our land. These Afghans have forgotten so much kindness that they do not value Pakistan’s hospitality, goodwill and brotherhood at all. These people have become priests of money only. They are misguiding people in the name of Islam, on which Pakistani people and our institutions will have to open their eyes and denounce them. India’s nexus with them will have to be exposed so that their truth can be clear before the world.

He writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.