The 100 Days Journey of Punjab’s Government


Rakhshanda Mehtab

It has been 100 days since the formation of the Punjab government and this period is seen as a yardstick to evaluate the performance of governments. The government has proven that it is committed to enhance the economic growth , improve public welfare and modernise the province’s infrastructure by initiating a series of projects.
Recently, the Institute for Public Opinion Research conducted a survey to evaluate the performance of the Punjab government. The survey revealed that the majority of the public were satisfied with the performance of the government.
As per the survey results, 55% of respondents were satisfied with the performance of the Punjab Chief Minister, stating that the government’s actions had successfully lowered the price of a variety of goods while 60% of respondents said Maryam Nawaz’s popularity had improved. In contrast to urban areas, where 28% of respondents expressed discontent, 42% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction in rural areas.
If the past 100 days are taken into account,Punjab’s Chief Minister has launched innovative, large-scale projects such as Nawaz Sharif IT City, the Free Medicine Delivery Project, Air Ambulance , Kisan Card, Laptop Scheme, the ” Never Again” Women’s Safety App, Daycare facilities at workplaces and the CM Pink Games.
These programmes demonstrate the Chief Minister’s dedication to the welfare and advancement of Punjab’s citizens. A distinct vision for sustainable development and equitable progress has been shown via calculated investments in public services, healthcare, agriculture, and technology.
As per media reports, Punjab’s first female chief minister gave particular emphasis to health sector reforms. Field hospitals were established to offer free and high-quality medical care to remote populations, Over 200 mobile clinics were constructed, and door-to-door medication delivery for heart patients was initiated.
In addition, billions of rupees were made available for the development of district and tehsil hospitals, and the task of providing free medications to cancer and dialysis patients was also initiated.
There have also been notable achievements in areas other than health. For instance, construction on five motorways has started in the province during the past three months, benefiting 2.5 million people from more than a dozen districts.
The Police Department is undergoing reforms , jails are being updated and work on improving schools and other educational facilities is also underway. Furthermore, the launch of the Rs. 10 billion Kisan Card intends to empower farmers and promote agriculture by giving them access to advanced equipment at discounted prices.
Although assessing and analysing the government’s effectiveness in this short amount of time is difficult, the first 100 days of governance can be used to establish the direction. The Punjab government’s 100 day performance has been characterised by both notable achievements and critiques.
The government has improved healthcare and cut costs, but it has also come under fire for how it handled the defamation bill and the purchase of wheat. The general public’s opinion of the government’s performance is divided; while most people are satisfied, there is notable dissatisfaction in rural areas as well. It is imperative that the government responds to these critiques and keeps pushing for the improvement of Punjab’s citizens as it goes forward.

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