The govt has to build special economic zones for women entrepreneurs: Riffat


The government has to build special economic zones for women entrepreneurs. Empowerment of women in South Asia especially Pakistan is direly needed to bring Women entrepreneurs into the mainstream of development on the journey of progress and prosperity.
They should be encouraged to come forward and play their part in the socio-economic development of the region. The government should set up special economic zones for businesswomen. This was stated by Ms. Riffat Malik, Vice President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) during a 3rd Session of the Women’s Business Conference organized by the SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneur Council in Islamabad.
Ms. Riffat Malik, Vice President of FPCCI highlighted the need for encouraging and empowering business women and said that Women have been playing a pivotal role in the growth of export-oriented industries like textiles and handicrafts. Women comprise the majority population of Pakistan and can help foster sustainable economic growth of a country.
There exists a dire need to facilitate small and medium enterprises run by women through skill development, capacity building, and easy access to cheaper financial resources to facilitate business women enhance their outreach to regional and international markets.
Vice President FPCCI added that FPCCI have called on the government to set up special economic zones for businesswomen. During the meeting, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif also appreciated the proposal for setting up Women Special Economic Zones along with resolving the issues of businesswomen as soon as possible and also assured us to take immediate steps in this regard. We demand the government for setting up of special economic zones as soon as for businesswomen.
Ms. Riffat Malik said that The apex trade body Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) advocated hiring women workforce in every industry & had been striving to promote entrepreneurship in the country by supporting women entrepreneurs.
She stresses the role of women in social, economic, and political development and called on the Government & authorities concerned to take necessary measures for empowering women. so that women can play a significant role in social entrepreneurship development.
She said women account for 52 percent of the country’s population and neglecting their empowerment, emancipation, and participation could make “no economic or business sense. T No economy could flourish without the active participation of women. She said that with mutual understanding all women’s chambers have to coordinate for the above-said purpose to enhance business opportunities on both sides.