There will be Russian oil in Pakistan within 15 to 20 days: Musadik Malik


ISLAMABAD : State minister for petroleum Dr. Musadik Malik has said there will be Russian oil in Pakistan in next 15 to 20 days.

” oil at concessional rate is being imported from Russia and there will be Russian oil in Pakistan within next 15 to 20 days, he said this while talking in a private TV channel program here Friday.

He held the conflicts among the political parties will have to come to halt. These will have to stop. This way even retail shop does not run. How can you run the country.
There was circular debt of Rs 1700 billion on gas and we reduced circular debt on gas to zero, he added.
We will reduce circular debt on LNG to zero, he affirmed.

In the history of country two Russian ministers came to Pakistan for the first time with a 86-member delegation, he stated. Cheap oil is being received from Russia. In next 15 to 20 days there will be Russian oil in Pakistan, he added.
He remarked important decisions are being made by the government. We have to promote small businessmen to go ahead. We are considering to grant concession to small businessmen in the budget, he pointed out.

We have to bring cheap gas from Tapi gas project. We are working on this project on fast pace basis.

He underlined automotive policy was framed since several years before. We could not even export a cover of an indicator so far. To my views our automotive policy is not better.

He said Imran Khan got shifted 190 million pounds in Supreme Court account. This amount was to come to Pakistan account.
Nothing should be done beyond law and constitution, he added.

People are being arrested after recognizing them through May 9 video. People are being arrested after NADRA’s verification , he underscored.