The Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra are high-end phones from the Samsung family. These flagship devices have come with lots of stuff to love, but unfortunately, even these phones are not without issues. It is quite frustrating when you spend lots of money to buy a device and come up with unavoidable issues. Issues with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and other Models are annoying users.

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra 5G users face unprompted and sometimes severe problems, as reported. Most of the problems are hardware related. There are two significant problems related to Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra 5G as per the users. These problems are seen in Galaxy S10, S20 families, Galaxy Note 10 and Note 20 models.

  1. Battery indication
  2. Battery drainage

 Confirmed by several users that these battery issues are genuine.

 Battery indication:

The phone shuts down before showing any indication about the battery measurement before reaching 1 % or less.

 Battery drainage:

The other problem is, the phone battery drained out too quickly, making phone battery dead when it reaches 1%-5%.