TI recent survey is charge sheet against present government: Sherry Rehman


PPP leader Sherry Rehman has said the recent survey by Transparency International (TI) is a public charge sheet against the present government which can not deny it.
In a statement issued here Thursday she said 92.99 percent people think the inflation ratio during the rule of Tabahi (Destruction) sarkar is higher in proportion to the past governments.

She indicated that 85.9 percent people think their income has declined rather than registering any increase.
73 percent Pakistani think that incompetence and corruption of the government is real cause for price hike.

She held that the people have demonstrated mistrust over the so called accountability process.
She went on to say that PTI revolutionaries had claimed to introduce reforms in police and judiciary. However people consider both these institutions as the most corrupt after three years of the present government. Every Pakistani is fed up with inefficiency of the incumbent government.

She underlined government has no ability to run the country. PPP is going to hold country wide protest against the incompetence and corruption of this government. The people should come out to protest against this incompetent government.