‘Time for you to quit’ Maryum tells PM


Spokesperson of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Maryum Aurangzeb said Monday that people were furious with incumbent PTI-led government as inflation, unemployment was at peak.
“I dare Imran Khan [and his companions] to go out in public” she said, while reacting to news of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s carrying out anti-opposition mass-campaign.
“Imran Khan and his aides must prepare themselves for jails instead of public campaigns” she maintained.
PML-N leader said that this was the time to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government. She said that students, farmers, traders and people of all walks of life were disappointed with current government and they would treat Prime Minister Imran Khan harshly.
“When you go out, people will question your loot in foreign funding scam, sugar scam and many other projects that were destroyed by your incompeteness” she said.