Top firms interested for premier football, futsal competitions


The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalization Committee has announced that multiple reputable advisory firms and consultants have expressed interest in the bidding process for Mens, Womens and Futsal Leagues.
The PFF NC was looking to hire a Financial Advisory firm/consortium to conduct a bidding process for the award of rights to operate the Mens, Womens and Futsal Leagues, said a press release.
The enthusiastic response highlights the growing recognition to uplift the standards of football and futsal in Pakistan. The PFF NC had previously announced a call for proposals, inviting firms with significant expertise in legal, technical and financial domains to participate in the competitive bidding process.
The selected advisory firm or consortium will play a crucial role in conducting thorough market analysis, organising strategic pre-bid meetings, developing comprehensive financial models and evaluating bids to provide final recommendations to the PFF NC.
With categories for both men and women, the upcoming events would include a Men’s Football League/Championship, a Women’s Football League/Championship, and Men’s and Women’s Futsal Leagues/Championships. These initiatives aim to create a competitive environment for football and futsal in Pakistan.
The PFF NC encourages all interested firms to take advantage of the remaining time to submit their expressions of interest.
Firms were invited to email their intent to PFF by July 8. Following this deadline, all interested parties will be invited to a preliminary meeting to discuss the final submission of their technical and financial proposals.