Traders’ community welcomes appointment of Gulam Ali as Governor KP


PESHAWAR: The traders’ community on Thursday welcomed appointment of Ghulam Ali as new Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and hoped he would take steps for the welfare of KP province and its people. President Trade Union of KP Mujibur Rahman, President Tajer Insaf, Shahid Khan, Uzair Khan and, Shafiq Khan congratulated Ghulam Ali on his appointment as Governor and said that Haji Ghulam Ali is a prominent politician who has an important role in the country’s politics and held very important positions including Senator and Chairmanship of SAARC Chamber. They said that Ghulam Ali always fulfilled his responsibilities in a comprehensive manner and showed a prominent role in the country’s politics, industry and trade. The measures he has taken for the business community of the country, including the people of the province, are his example, they said and hoped that as Governor KP he woulud play the role of a bridge between federation and the province. He said that the appointment of Haji Ghulam Ali as governor is a great honor for the city of Peshawar and they paid tribute to the Jamiat for nominating a capable politician for the governorship of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They said that the newly appointed governor of KP would pay full attention to the development of the tribal districts and address the deprivations of the people there, which would bring prosperity to the province and the tribal districts. They hoped that the Governor would also be a voice of the traders as he was well aware of the problems of the traders and would play his imperative role to address their issues. Online