Transparent elections to prove last nail in PDM’s coffin: CM-KP


Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has expressed grave concern over the rising inflation in the country coupled with non-provision of budgeted funds of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province by the incumbent federal government.
CM-KP has claimed that general elections would prove the last nail in the coffin of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).
He said that the indifference has raised serious questions over the credibility and competency of the federal cabinet in running the federation.
In a statement issued from the Chief Minister’s secretariat, Mahmood Khan deplored the ‘undemocratic and immoral attitude’ of the federal government.
Mr Khan stated that Rs 189 billion funds of KP have been withheld by the federal government to create financial instability in the province, which is an undemocratic approach towards achieving selfish political interests.
“The component parties of the PDM are jeopardizing national interests for their political motives and have no policy to steer the country out of the prevailing economic crisis,” he added and said that ongoing inflation has reached an all-time high and basic commodities have gone beyond the purchasing capacity of ordinary citizens.
Mahmood Khan alleged that PDM used inflation as an excuse to topple a democratically elected government under the ‘regime change conspiracy’ and have caused inflation to double after coming into power.
He said “PDM was never sincere in their claims and did not have any interest in addressing the issues facing ordinary citizens”.
They only wanted to seize control of the country to abolish corruption cases against them and pave way for the entry of corrupt politicians into the political landscape of the country.
The Chief Minister clarified that Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI ) Imran Khan is the only political figure who enjoys the uniform support of citizens from all over the country.
Sweeping victory in the recent by-elections has proved that PTI is the only political party that represents the federation and that has the ability to represent Pakistan internationally and steer it out of the prevailing crisis.
Mahmood Khan maintained that the political stature of Imran Khan is unparalleled, due to which the component parties of PDM are hesitant about going into general elections.
They can clearly witness their defeat because they have been exposed completely and are unacceptable to the general masses. free and fair elections will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the corrupt political union.
The Chief Minister concluded that every legal, political and constitutional means would be adopted to achieve the rights of the province and rid the country of corrupt politicians.