Tribesmen can avail free and speedy justice through DRC


Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) is the best choice to decide disputes of tribesmen as per their traditions and norms. Since long tribal jirga settle all issues being faced by the tribesmen therefore under a legal frame DRC has been functioned in merged districts to deliver speedy justice. Positive result to be produced by the initiative.
The views were expressed by the District Police Officer (DPO) Khyber Saleem Abbas Kulachvi while addressing an opening ceremony of first ever DRC center held here in tehsil compound, Landi Kotal on Thursday.
Besides DPO, Khyber, Saleem Abbas Kulachvi, Superintendent Police (SP) investigation Kamal Hussain, Deputy SP circle Mazhar Afridi, Station House Officer (SHO) Akbar Afridi, tribal elders, councillors were among the participants.
DPO said that traditional tribal jirga had been granted a legal status in the form of DRC and local elders who were well aware of the rites of the tribe had been appointed in the council to settle the disputes.
A tribesman will file an application in the DRC council pertaining land, monetary, domestic one etc, dispute and will benefit from the facility of provision of speedy and free of cost resolution, he added.
He urged the council members to utilize their energies in resolving conflicts of their co-tribesmen.
Earlier, he administered oath to a DRC council comprising 21 members including a woman member.