Two tankers full of petrol caught fire in Sukkur area


By A.Q.Jakhrani
Two tankers full of petrol caught fire in the township of Sukkur area.
As a result of the terrible fire, both the tankers were completely burnt.
Fire brigade personnel arrived and brought the fire under control.
According to the initial report, the incident happened last night due to overtaking of tankers.
Due to the fire of the tankers, thick clouds of smoke covered the area
And Sukkur Township Road was completely closed.
About the incident that happened in front of Sukkur Township, eyewitnesses say that the loader Mazda hit the oil tanker from behind near Bypass City Point, which started the fire.
All traffic from Balochistan was suspended due to the fire
The nearby population was evacuated due to the excessive intensity of the fire that occurred in the accident on the route to Karachi.