Ukraine war skyrockets price of every thing: Ahsan Iqbal


Minister for planning Ahsan Iqbal has said Ukraine war has skyrocketed the price of every thing including oil and coal.

“We have to rectify our mistakes. The investment will not come in the country unless there is security., he said this while addressing a seminar on improving economic plight of Pakistan under grand national dialgogue.

He went on to say our country does not look attractive to any investor owing to political instability. The saving and investment ratio is low in our country. We neglected human resources in the country.

Investment is needed in agriculture, engineering and mineral sectors in the country, he remarked.

Investment will not come as long as security is not ensured, he added.

He remarked we have not leased out Pakistan development to China on CPEC. If we obtained 20 billion dollars from China for infrastructure in Pakistan we spent 3200 billion on development budget.

The real benefit of the CPEC was industrial cooperation under which 9 economic zones were to set up till 2020, he underlined. Bur not a single economic zone has been set up so far till 2022.

“We have to correct our mistakes. Pakistan bureaucracy is so much scared that it is not ready to sign a file of Rs 10.

He underscored IMF had prolonged global inflation prediction. We are the country which imports tea over 500 million dollars. I asked for taking less tea and it was mocked at. In the same vein when a minister of Australia asked for switching off one bulb in the perspective of electricity crisis, no body made fun of it.

No country can move forward with confrontation, he said adding when four Pakistanis sit in any country together they talk evil of Pakistanis.

Pakistani nation is as much thief as nation of any other country, he held. Pakistan nation is as much pious as nation of any other country, he added.