Welfare officers will be posted in every ministry to facilitate retiring pensioners under orders of Fedral ombudsman


Islamabad(PR):The Honourable Federal Ombudsman Mr. Muhammad Salman Faruqui had issued directions to the Establishment Division to direct the ministries and departments to appoint
Welfare Officers in the Ministries and Departments to facilitate the retiring officials and officers and to disburse their pensionery dues in-time. Before that the retired employees
were bound to receive their pensions through National Bank only.By analyzing the difficulties of the retiring employees, the Federal Ombudsman
constituted a technical committee in the Establishment Division and a Focal Person was also to be notified in every department to handle the cases of retiring/retired employees.
The Technical Committee of Estab. Division hold a meeting and review the progress in automation of pension components in the PIFRA’s system of AGPR. The Establishment
Division has finally decided to appoint a Welfare Officer in Pensioners Cell to facilitate the retired/retiring employees for disbursing their pensionery dues within time. In this regard,
the Establishment Division has informed the Senior Adviser law and Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis, Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmad Khokhar and issued a
direction vide No.08/02/2016-II dated 22 nd August, 2016 to all ministries/divisions and AGPR to appoint Welfare Officers in their departments to facilitate the retiring employees.