West has no right to claim moral leadership — Lavrov


MOSCOW, Russia
Western elites are forever barred from claiming any moral leadership as their colonialist instincts have gone nowhere, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.
“The crimes of the colonizers have no time limit and forever deprive Western elites of the right to claim any moral leadership. Especially since the colonial instincts have not disappeared,” Lavrov told a meeting of the United Russia Party commission on international cooperation and support of compatriots abroad.
According to the top diplomat, the West, which “achieved its prosperity largely through centuries of robbery and exploitation of developing countries,” is trying to maintain its global dominance, hoping, as before, to solve problems of its own development and maintain their economies at the expense of others.
“To this end, the West continues to hinder the process of democratization of international relations and aggressively imposes on the world majority a neocolonial American-centric order, which, as they say, must be based on rules that they themselves invent and apply according to the ‘I do what want’ principle,” he added.
Lavrov also noted that the US and “the rest of the West, which is fully subordinate to them,” had taken a complete course toward dividing the world into a small group of “the exceptional and the so-called subordinates”.
“To this end, new black-and-white paradigms are being introduced, which assume that the world consists of correct, Washington-approved democracies on the one hand and autocracies such as Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba on the other,” the top diplomat stressed.