Will strengthen Local Bodies System to provide relief to common man: CM Buzdar


LAHORE : Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that the local bodies’ institutions will be strengthened and made fully functional. He said that the power and authority will be devolved at the grassroots so that problems of the people could be solved at their doorsteps.

This would provide them necessary relief as the agenda of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government is to provide different facilities to the general public along with timely solution of their problems, he added.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Sardar Usman Buzdar said that PTI is going to introduce a new local bodies system through consultations and added that it would provide necessary relief to the people. There is no room for outdated local bodies system in the new Pakistan as the present system as failed to solve the problems of the masses at the grassroots. On the other side, the local bodies were rendered powerless, he said.

He said that government will grant authority to the local bodies’ representatives and a system of check and balance will also be put in place. The representatives of the people will be answerable to the people as the focus of new system is general public and their problems will be timely solved.

The Chief Minister said that new local bodies system will do away with the outdated status quo and would greatly help to solve the problems of deprived areas. Local bodies are being strengthened for achieving the goal of a new Pakistan. He said the new system would depict the desires and aspirations of the people.

Sardar Usman Buzdar said that in line with the agenda of Prime Minister Imran Khan, a system of check and balance will also be introduced in the local bodies to ensure complete transparency in the new system. A system is being designed which will solve the problems at the grassroots. In the system, people will be fully empowered and there would also be a system of punishment and reward, he added.