Women, children are the worst sufferer of climate-induced calamity: Masood


Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan has called upon international community for long-term commitment for reconstruction and rehabilitation phase in flood affected areas of Pakistan.
He was addressing a fund-raiser event organized by Refugee Girls Worldwide, a non-profit charitable organization working for the betterment of refugee girls, in Washington.
The Ambassador said millions of women and children displaced by the recent floods in Pakistan are undergoing an inexplicable trauma of life. He said forced to face all kinds of hardships in makeshift shelter homes and experiencing untold miseries of haplessness, these climate refugees need urgent attention and long-term commitment of the international community.
Masood Khan highlighted that more than 70 percent of 33 million flood affected population consisted of women and children. He said over six hundred thousand were pregnant women with 2,000 women giving birth every day in unsafe and unhygienic conditions. He said gastrointestinal infections and other waterborne diseases including dengue fever and malaria have created a disaster within a disaster.
While thanking US government, civil society, philanthropists and especially Pak-American community for their generosity during rescue and relief operations, the Ambassador called upon international community’s long-term commitment for reconstruction and rehabilitation phase.
Speaking on the occasion, Christopher Jester of US State Department highlighted US assistance for the flood affectees and said innovative ways are required to help the flood affectees enabling them to reconstruct and rehabilitate.
It is pertinent to mention that RGW is supporting 3000 refugees monthly through provision of food, education and relief programs. It was informed that 1050 girls are getting monthly support in education, 3000 refugees are being provided food boxes and 1000 mothers are getting coaching for self-care and support with their new-born’s health.