Zulfi Bokhari appointment as chairman PTDC: Court directs AAG to file all record


ISLAMABAD : Islamabad High Court (IHC) has ordered Additional Attorney General (AAG) to file complete record in the case against appointment of Zulfi Bokhari as Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) as chairman PTDC.

IHC bench led by Justice Amir Farooq took up the case for hearing Tuesday.

AAG Amir Rehman and Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Raja Khalid Mehmood appeared in the court on behalf of the federation.

Hafiz Irfat advocate said Prime Minister (PM) appointed his special assistant as chairman PTDC. Zulfi Bokhari was earlier temporary chairman and later he was appointed as regular chairman. It was said earlier after issuing the notification that federal cabinet has taken this decision and later it was said PM has taken this decision. Federal government has now constituted a new committee wherein Zufi Bokhari has been appointed as chairman.

The court said to AAG is the committee which has been formed in fact National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB).

AAG said the first notification of the committee was superseded while a new notification has been issued now.

The court remarked has the temporary chairman been made chairman PTDC. Tourism is federation matter but it was shifted to provinces in 18th amendment. Several things which should not have gone to provinces were shifted to them in 18th amendment. This court will not interfere in federal government policy.

The court remarked “ tell the court were the legal formalities met in the appointment of chairman PTDC or otherwise. All the record of the case be filed within 10 days.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till September 29.