A condolence reference was held to pay tribute to the services of late Tariq Aziz for the country


ISLAMABAD Sept 30: A condolence reference was held here at Islamabad Club on Friday in honour of late Tariq Aziz, the former National Security Advisor and Principal Secretary to the then President of Pakistan.
The speakers at reference paid glowing tribute to the services of late Tariq Aziz for the country.
They said that Tariq Aziz was a benefactor of Pakistan who served the country with great dedication and commitment.
The participants acknowledged and eulogized the contributions of the late Bureaucrat. They termed the demise of late Tariq Aziz as irreparable loss.
They prayed that may Almighty Allah bless the departed soul and grant patience and consolation to the bereaved family.

They also expressed their sympathies with the family members of the deceased.
The Reference was organized by the Seniors officers of Income Tax Group.
Speakers from the Income Tax service fraternity and bureaucracy, his friends and family members including Raana Seerat, Sumria Qazi, Parveen Q Agha, Salman Nabi, Saeed Akhtar, Farida Amjad, Tariq Sadiq, Omar Kamran, Abdul Shakoor, Abdul Jalil, Sharif Ahmad, Syed Ijaz Shah, Zafar Bakhtawri, Mehboba Razak, Atif Arif Sheikh, Zahir Kaleem, Brother Khalid Aziz, Grand sons Mekaiel Ayleen, Suleyman, Daughters Tahira Aziz and Hajra Aziz, Javed Zafar and Shamim Ahmed presented inspiring eulogies to Mr. Tariq Aziz and recounted admirable traits of his personality.