Actor Yasir Hussain has endorses item numbers in films


Actor Yasir Hussain has supported item numbers in films and said that they are a part of our culture.
Yasir Hussain recently participated in a YouTube podcast where he discussed his career, relationship with Iqra Aziz and item songs in films.
Yasir Hussain while talking about the age difference between himself and actress Iqra Aziz said that there should be a few years of age difference between a boy and a girl.
He further said that one atleast must be mature.
The host asked who was his role model in acting, to which the actor said that there is no role model, now the time is over.
Talking about the item song, he said that actually I still think that there are songs or item numbers in Pakistani films. We saw a very good dance performance in Noor Jahan’s songs.
Yasir Hussain said that the culture is that these songs have been in films since the country became, but even before that, I think on songs from Nargis, Reema or Resham in films or award shows. Performance should be done.
Talking about his controversies, the actor said that he does not talk controversially to increase followers or stay in the news, the media needs something to run.