Aima Baig narrowly escapes accident


Islamabad: Leading singer Aima Baig narrowly escaped a tragic accident. A video of Aima Baig’s concert is going viral on social media in which she had an accident during the concert, however she narrowly escaped the accident. In a video shared on social media, it can be seen that Aima was singing in a hall full of spectators when suddenly a sharp flame came out in front of her on the stage. This flame was so close to Aima that even a slight carelessness could scorch his face. Fortunately, nothing happened to Aima Baig in the accident. The singer, seeing the flames, became frightened and stopped singing and retreated. It should be noted that during a concert last week, Aima Baig had scolded the youths who had insulted her and threatened to leave the concert. ONLINE