Al-Khidmat Foundation announced to send 20 ambulances to Gaza


Falak Sher
Al-Khidmat Foundation has announced to send 20 ambulances to Gaza while more than 3 thousand doctors have also registered to provide medical services in Gaza.
Addressing a news conference at Mardan press club, Professor Dr Hafiz-ur-Reham central president Dr. Fakhr Alam, Provincial President of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), Mardan District President Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, General Secretary Dr. Hamid, Dr Abdul Aziz and others said that the causes and objectives and services of Al-Khidmat Foundation and PIMA are not hidden from anyone.
They have always helped the victims in natural disasters. They added that now they are engaged in the rehabilitation of the oppressed Palestinians.
He said that so far 90 tons of goods, including food items and medicines, have been sent for the victims of Gaza with the collaboration with NDMA, and they are in touch with the World Health Organization and non-governmental organizations of Turkey and Egypt’s.
They added that arrangements are in the final stages and efforts are underway to establish a field hospital at the border. They added that three thousand doctors have registered with Al-Khidmat Foundation and PIMA for services in Gaza. He said that currently 96% of water in Gaza is unusable.
He added that Al-Khidmat Foundation will install a water filtration plant in collaboration with non-governmental organizations of Malaysia, while centers will be established for orphans. He further said that the people have generously supported us and will not hurt their trust.