Faiq calls youth a catalyst for change, capable to overcome crisis


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party termed the youth as catalyst of change, fully capable to steer the country out from the prevailing crisis.
The ATP chief stressed the need for a new way of thinking and politics in Pakistan, saying that it is essential to bury the old politics of hatred and revenge that is detrimental to the country’s youth.
He vowed his party would empower the people and youth and they will be made leaders and heads to lead the country from the front.
We will make them (youth) the true owners of the country.
Addressing a youth convention here on Friday, Shah emphasised that his party possessed effective solutions for the issues facing the country.
He stated that his party has come into the political arena under the motto to ensure public authority, justice and facilities at people’s doorstep.
The ATP chief asked the former and present rulers to get ready for accountability and questions of the general public.
Shah anticipated a massive caravan of youth coming soon.
He maintained that since the last 76 years, the state, people and society have been exploited by elites and a specific segment by snatching justice and authority, they become richest and people become poorest.
This economic murder tendency is continuing in the country, he added.
Faiq asked youth to come forward and block the way of the economic murderer and give them humiliating defeat through a democratic way.
Deficit is consistently burdening on the people and gaining support from others.
He said national wealth, institutions and resources have been grabbed and for retrieval, there is desperately needed a government based on public authority and political movement.
Ordinary people should be in parliament and elites must be jailed, Shah asserted, adding that those who looted national wealth with both hands are moving freely.
He said it is a matter of serious concern that a FIR of poor people wasn’t registered.
Courts implicate in high profile and political based cases.
He said institutions instead of becoming public servants indulge in tug of war for gaining power.
So who will deliver justice to people in such a situation, he added.