All make speeches but do nothing when they come to power: CJ IHC


Human Rights Commission (HRC) has filed report in Islamabad High Court (IHC) on corruption and torture in Adiala jail.
The report has revealed that corruption is prevalent in the jail and the prisoners are subjected to torture.
The court has directed secretary Human Rights Commission to appear before it today (Friday) in person.
The Chief Justice (CJ) IHC Athar Minallah has remarked that all deliver speeches but they do nothing when they come to power. Whosoever gives money uses mobile phone in jail and meets others. Have the prisoners who are poor no rights.
The CJ IHC remarked if a complaint of any prisoner comes the court will take very serious action.
Adiala jail authorities said the jail has capacity to accommodate 2100 prisoners but 2600 prisoners are there in the jail.
The court while expressing annoyance remarked this is the biggest violation of human rights. The executive have to correct jail and first application of corruption tales with reference to jail has not come.
The CJ IHC remarked the court will now get hold investigation into this matter and what is happening in jails is known to you and all.