APNS members boycott elections for the first time in history


The current office holders in the organizations have occupied the positions through a flawed electoral process and unconstitutional, unfair and fictitious electoral list. With one member having many votes, the tilt was made towards one group. The deplorable step of selection instead of election is repeated every year.
Defecting from the basic purposes of the organization and continuous failure to protect the interests of the members, one group has continuous monopoly over the APNS
The group that has taken over the APNS through namesake elections is headed towards centralization of power instead of distribution of power.

Karachi: (Staff reporter). Two groups have practically emerged after a large number of members of the All Pakistan Newspaper society, an organization of the newspapers’ owners, ensured their absence in the annual elections. One group refused to participate in the elections maintaining that the APNS elections were unconstitutional as conducting elections with an unconstitutional fake voter list was contrary to the democratic process and professional norms. The group said that since many years, the voter list was being unconstitutionally compiled through membership making that was devoid of merit and based on favoritism. It must be clarified that the members expressed lack of confidence in the APNS annual elections today after 40% of the members abstained from participation. With an allegedly unfair and unconstitutional electoral list, the step to award many votes to one member of the organization and just one vote to the opponents was unfair. The basis on which this member has been given the power to exercise many votes has not been accepted as they have been counted as being one member equivalent to one vote. This result coming to the fore after unconstitutional elections is against any democratic norms of any organization which is also the basis of some people’s interim dictatorship in the APNS. Unfortunately, this unfair division was being extended with favorite members and this way the vote ratio was being shifted towards on group on permanent basis which is hurting the newspaper organizations. The process of selection instead of election in the election is repeated every year. The APNS has become a continuous slave to one specific group due to this unfair electoral process. This has manifested openly with the defection from the organization’s basis pursues which has resulted in the permanent failure to protect the interests of the members. The monopoly of one group over the APNS has practically become the tool for some specific groups and the body has lost its image as being the only representative body of the print media. This has put the sanctity of the newspaper industry and the future of thousands of people associated with this industry in danger. Every passing day is making the crisis further serious but the specific group of APNS is unmoved. Resultantly, an electoral process that is devoid of representation and constitution has given birth to dictatorship of a particular type. This is the reason why the group that has exerted its control over the APNS is moving towards centralization of power instead of distribution of power. All these aspects clarify that the APNS instead of catering to the protection of interests of the members has become a tool of some people which is hurting the respect of the newspaper industry. Hence to protect the further murder of the economic and professional interests of the print media and to save this historical body from heading towards destruction, there was no other option but to disown this unfair electoral process and to boycott this play of selection instead of election and to expose this unconstitutional election.