Azam Swati offers his resignation


Minister for Railways Azam Swati has offered his resignation in the tragic train accident. Addressing a press conference at Pakistan Railways Headquarters in Lahore, Swati said that, “I present my resignation if my resignation is a substitute to the precious lost lives.” Azam Swati also acknowledged that Pakistan Railways has 50-year-old bogeys. The minister said that the Ghotki accident occurred when train bogies derailed. The Railways Minister said: “Train track was not weak as per the investigation conducted so far.”
The minister also acknowledged that there is no technology to repair the bogeys and there is no way out other than to repair the track.

Azam Swati sharing an update with the media said the black box of both trains is now found but it will take three to four weeks to say something on the accident.

Azam Swati said that it is the responsibility of Pakistan Railways to protect the lives and property of passengers. = DNA