Banners against Imran Khan and his associates displayed in twin cities


Banners along with big pictures and Panaflex have been displayed against Imran Khan and his associates by unidentified persons in twin cities.
According to details, posters have been displayed against Imran Khan and his associates outside Judicial Complex and police station.
The pictures of several leaders including Imran Khan have been displayed on broader poster.
The pictures of Jalao Gherao and attack on army vehicles are also put on poster.
Few persons had made claw with black color on few pictures.
A wall of shame was built outside Judicial Complex.
Banners have been displayed against PTI leaders on wall of shame.
Banners were displayed against PTI leadership in different places and slogans were written therein.
The slogans “Youme-Muzamat, Ghadaar Pakistan ka” were added.
Banners were displayed outside Islamabad Kutcheri chowk road and ATC.
Those who put up banners did not show their identification.
On the other hand, the banners of “Youme Ghadaar Pakistan” have been displayed in Kutcheri Chowk in the limits of police station Civil Lines.
The pictures of Former Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, Farrukh Habib and Yasmeen Rashid have been displayed on banners.
The picture of Imran Ismail was displayed with a caption of inciting people to attack.
Along with picture of Farrukh Habib, the writing of spreading hatred against the Pakistan Army has also added.
Along with picture of Yasmeen Rashid, there is a text saying that people should be taken to Jinnah House.
Pictures of 21 members of PTI cabinet have been displayed on banners