Bilawal advocates free and fair election as panacea for Pakistan’s woes


In a passionate address at the Workers Convention in Nowshera, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari emphasised the pivotal role of free and fair election in addressing the myriad challenges facing Pakistan.
He asserted the elections devoid of transparency hold no value, stating, “if the result is to be determined before the election, then there is no use of such an election, the only way out of all the problems is a free fair election”.
Highlighting the significance 0f the People’s Partry’s historical resilience commended the Jayales of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for their unwavering commitment to democracy. He stressed despite the current economic turmoil, rising terrorism, and social division.
The PPP remains the dedicated to serving the nation, with Bhutto declaring, “The PPP is not for itself but for the country. He expressed concerns over the rising poverty levels, employment, and inflation, attributing these issues to a lack of transparent governance.
He urged the Chief Election Commission and the Chief Justice to ensure the transparency of the upcoming elections, emphasizing that a clean and transparent election is a crucial for the wellbeing of the people.
In a critical stance against other political parties, especially targeting the PMLN Nawaz Sharif, Bhutto asserted that the PPP represents the interests of the common people and vowed to prioritise the welfare of the poor over affluent elites.
He lamented those who shy way municipal and by-elections, predicting the public would respond resoundingly to such actions. Concluding his address, Bhutto outlined his vision for the governance under “Bhuttism”, promising to uplift the poor and ensure equitable development.
He urged the senior politicians to contest elections based on their manifestos rather than relying on administration, empahsising the trust the PPP places in the peoples of judgment.