Blaming Russia for Poland missile attack will escalate tensions: Erdogan


Türkiye’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has voiced the need to respect Russia’s statement on reports of a suspected missile attack on Poland and said pointing fingers at Russia would further escalate tensions.
Speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of the G20 Bali Summit in Indonesia on Wednesday, said: “I need to respect Russia’s statement. In this regard, it is important for us (to mention) that Russia says, ‘This has nothing to do with us.'”
He said that pointing fingers at Russia after finding out that the missile is not Russian-made will further escalate tensions.
“Launching an investigation (on the incident) is essential,” he added.
Erdogan’s remarks came after reports of a suspected missile attack on Poland that killed two people.
On the Istanbul grain deal, Erdogan said he believed a deal allowing Ukraine to export grain through the Black Sea that is set to expire on Saturday would remain in place.
“I am of the opinion that it will continue. There’s no problem there,” Erdogan said.
Ukraine is one of the world’s top grain producers, and Russia’s incursion into the country blocked 20 million tonnes of grain in its ports before the United Nations and Türkiye-brokered the deal in July.
Erdogan said he would speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin as soon as he returned to Türkiye.
“We will also discuss the transport of fertiliser and ammonia,” he said. “Because the path to peace passes through dialogue,” he added.
Türkiye, the UN, Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement on July 22 in Istanbul to resume grain exports from three Ukrainian Black Sea ports, which were paused after the Russia-Ukraine conflict began in February.
More than 10 million tonnes of grain have been exported from Ukraine since Aug. 1, according to the UN.