Business community plays critical role in economic stability: Governor KP


Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Haji Ghulam Ali has lauded the critical role of business community in supporting the fragile economy of the country ,saying businessmen are very close to my heart and steps for thier betterment is my key agenda.
“Businessmen and traders are very close to my heart because they share the burden of governments and accept new challenges with open hearts,” he said.
These views were expressed by Governor Haji Ghulam Ali in a meeting with various delegations at the Governor’s House.
A delegation led by Chairman of LPG Association Irfan Khokhar called on Haji Gulam Ali and congratulated him on his appointment as new Governor KP.
The delegation informed the Governor about issues related to the sector and asked government intervention in resolving longstanding issues.
Addressing the delegation, the Governor said that he has noted all the difficulties in writing and will do his best to solve these problems.
He said that the important services rendered by the business community in the country are hardly provided by any sector, because the businessmen not only do business but they also provide employment to many other citizens and thus dozens of people.
Haji Gulam Ali maintained that the country’s economy gets stronger due to the tax payment by the business community and this wheel keeps rotating continuously.
He assured the LPG delegation that he will make every possible effort to solve their problems.
Separately, famous ex-squash player John Sher Khan also called on the Governor KP and presented various suggestions regarding the promotion of the game in the province.