Capital Police fails to protect citizens


Women are insecure in Islamabad
Sexual harassment increasing day by day, however Nisar did not comment performance of the police
Police station Aabpara & Koral top of the list where complaints, theft and robbery
Citizens demanded IG of Police to initiate effective measures to ensure security


Ali Bhai Kamran

Islamabad: Security measures taken by the capital police to curb the menace of terrorism have failed to protect the citizens.
According to details, despite spending millions of rupees on patrolling teams of police, it has failed to control the crime in the city and it has put question mark on the performance of police. The number of incidents of theft and dacoit during the first ten days of March has created inconvenience for the citizens which deprived the citizens from their valuables including 8 motorbikes, 4 vehicles, cash worth millions of rupees, and golden jewelry.
The Police station Aabpara was at the top of the list in such incidents where complaints of 3 motorbikes were lodged. The complaints of theft of 4 motorbikes were lodged in police stations Tarnol, BharaKhou and Shamas Colony respectively while incidents of theft of vehicles were lodged in Police Station Koral and Sahila respectively.
The Koral police station was at the top of the list in the incidents of theft and robbery where the residents of the areas have lodged five reports while three incidents of theft and robbery were reported in each police station of Sahila and Lohibher.
Two incidents of theft and robbers were reported in each police stationsKhana, Shalimar while one incident of robbery in each police station Ramna, Women, Margalla and SabziMandi were registered.
Atleast five persons were killed in various incidents in capital. The reports have been registered in various police stations including BharaKohu, Khana, SabziMandi, however 8 persons were injured in various incidents of dispute.
Atleast 4 people were killed in road accidents while 5 girls were abducted.
The citizens said that despite continuous patrolling of police and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) the incidents of street crimes are increasing day by day adding that it is matter of grave concern that criminals loots the common people on gun point.
They demanded the Inspector General of Police to initiate effective measures to ensure the security of the citizens.
It is worth-mentioning that Interior Minister ChaudhryNisar Ali Khan has admitted on the floor of the house that women are insecure in Islamabad as the incidents of sexual harassment were increasing day by day, however he did not comment on the performance of the police.