Catastrophic desth


Utterly tragic. The world was plunged into sorrow as the news of the untimely death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash spread like wildfire over the weekend. Contrary to controversy peddlers, Iranian state news media has confirmed that Mr Raisi (63) lost his life to a “technical failure.” Because Iran has yet to build an atrophy-free aviation industry in line with international standards, constantly crippled by extensive sanctions, the preliminary investigations did not come as a surprise to many. However, while everyone appears confident that an abrupt end to Mr Raisi’s tenure would not change much in Iran’s foreign or domestic policies, the timing of this catastrophe could not have been more brutal.
Widely regarded as the potential successor to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (who suffers from declining health), Mr Raisi had earned the distinction of managing to establish his footprint in the international community while walking the tightrope between the elected leadership and the assembly of Islamic experts. As condemnations continue to pour in from all corners, there’s no denying that the charred wreckage in Iran’s northwestern mountains did not spell the end of one single individual.
The strength of Mr Raisi had granted an air of stability to the system. A new chapter of instability unfolds before us where the Revolutionary Guards get down to the business of choosing the next in command amid heated internal struggles. Mohammad Mokhber has, for now, emerged as the frontrunner to take on the role of Iran’s interim president. But would Mokhber, who hails from a background in economics and finance, prove to be the steady hand needed to guide the country through the turbulent times ahead? Once he steps into the limelight, he has a daunting task cut out for him: stand confidently and face the rest of the world cautiously watching his every step.
Closer at home, regardless of whether he follows Mr Raisi’s lead in becoming a monumental component of the Khomeini doctrine, the system appears perfectly composed as it is. From the looks of it, he wouldn’t have any option but to adhere to the hardline vision.