CM Punjab hints at govt’s dissolution on Imran’s orders “within a half minute”


Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi on Sunday disposed off all the speculations regarding his alleged reluctance to abide by PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s possible directive to dissolve Punjab government.
News circulated Sunday that Elahi may not abide by Imran’s decision to dissolve provincial governments to demand snap polls, which he announced at a huge Rawalpindi rally.
“Punjab government belongs to Imran Khan. I wouldn’t show reluctance of even half of a minute to dissolve assembly, whenever Imran asks to do so,” Elahi said here Sunday, in a video message.
“What does Shehbaz Sharif think? He is only the prime minister of a government on 27 kilometers area,” he said, referring to federal capital, adding that the federal government wouldn’t exist for even 27 hours in case the provincial assemblies are dissolved.
“People now understand that Imran Khan has been rewarded a new life by Allah Almighty, and he is playing a final round,” he added.
“By God’s will, the PDM’s alliance will break apart automatically,” the Chief Minister said.