Conspiracy Season


There is no sight of clarity in the latest twist to revel in the unsavoury world of politics. Three days after PTI senior leader Shehbaz Gill was taken into custody for making controversial statements against the state institutions, neither side appears ready to let reason prevail as low punches, distasteful occurrences of the days gone by and strange accusations remain the order of the day.
In a highly-trumped-up televised address, party chairperson Imran Khan once again waged the conspiracy card and dotted the connection right back to the “external conspirators.” Slamming the arrest as “fascist illegal abduction,” Mr Khan talked of a sinister plan to bring his party at loggerheads with the army.
Earlier, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah had brought to light another tacit connivance intended to create division within the military. However, smacked right in the middle of this provocative game of who-pulls-the-bigger-guns is a very serious charge of sedition, that under ideal circumstances should be carried forward through the appropriate legal channels.
The state’s obsession with an iron-handed approach has created an unnecessary mess. This eagerness to pursue cases, send brigades running at residences and bolt shut the main door speaks more about their insecurities than the grievances of the said affected party. No qualms about that. But by its reluctance to issue a clear-worded policy statement and fanning the flames of an already heated conspiratorial agenda, Mr Khan has not played the part expected of a mature politician riding the wave of nationwide popularity. At the expense of sounding repetitive, Daily Times again stresses the need for the law to take its course and that determining the intent and impact of Mr Gill’s statement should be left to the honourable benches.
Our higher judiciary was quick to point out the misuse of slashing sedition offences without giving it a due thought as early as 1954. Since the charges and related press conferences have already lit up quite a fire, it would serve everyone’s interest to play safe and hand over the ball to the courts. After all, Pakistan has often seen the heroes of today fast turning a shade darker into the villians.