Consultative session on draft NEPRA licensing regulations held in Islamabad


As per available statistics, approximately 26% of the population of Pakistan does not have access to Electricity. Globally, electricity is recognized as basic amenity of life. Government of Pakistan aims at providing electricity access to all citizens of the Country. National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), being sole Regulator of Power Sector of the Country, aimed to provide facilitation for such noble cause and striving hard to promote Electricity Access to unserved areas where Power Grid Expansion is financially unviable.
NEPRA has taken lead to bring investment friendly and most flexible regulatory regime to promote development of Microgrids in the unserved areas enable private sector to play its role in providing electricity services. In this regard, NEPRA organized a Virtual Consultative Session on Draft NEPRA Licensing (Microgrid) Regulations on January 21, 2022 (Friday) at NEPRA Headquarters Islamabad.
Around 100 numbers of Stakeholders having versatile experience participated online in the consultative session. The Chairman NEPRA, while opening the session, mentioned his vision regarding de-regulatory approach which encourages private sector investments in providing grid access to the unserved communities and amicably finalizing the Draft Regulations and fast track implementation of Microgrid Regime without any further delays. The Chairman NEPRA while highlighting the salient features indicated that the Proposed Regulations entails grant of a Unified Licence for such activity with NO regulatory fee.
During the said session, all the participants discussed major technical and tariff related provisions and issues prescribed in the Draft Regulations and also recommended solutions based on best prudent practices. The Chairman in the end appreciated the active participation of all the stakeholders. The deliberations were ended with the vote of Thanks.