Convoy of 40 trucks of relief goods by Talha Mehmood Foundation entered in Chitral


As promised, the truck convoy of loaded relief goods of the Muhammad Talha Mahmood Foundation Sunday entered Chitral would be distributed among needy people, Senator Mohammad Talha Mahmood said while talking to media men.
Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood was contesting election from constituency of NA -1 Chitral for the National Assembly seat, which led to him temporarily separated from the Foundation and his son Mustafa bin Talha was declared acting Chairman.
On his direction 40 trucks loaded from free ration, edible things and relief goods had reached inside the Lowari Tunnel, but opponent candidates of different political and religious parties had objected to it and submitted a written complaint to the Deputy Commissioner to stop this distribution as it was a political bribe.
Now after stopping the relief goods, the same would be distributed among needed people of District Chitral until the end of election. Senator Talha Mahmood had announced that as soon as the Election was over, the trucks loaded with relief goods would enter Chitral.
“I was sitting in the driving seat and will carry a convoy of these trucks filled with relief goods in Chitral and on Sunday people will have witnessed the promises I had made with them,” he said.
The convoy of trucks filled with relief goods was standing in Syed Abad, which was carried by Senator Talha Mahmood leading a procession.
Talking to the media on the occasion, he regretted that these trucks had no bullets or illegal goods but carried relief goods for the poor, but these politicians tried to snatch them from the mouths of poor people.
He said that we were also harassed by the Drosh Police and the district administration also issued us the NOC with great difficulty so that we could distribute these rations and aid among the poor.
On this occasion, he made it clear that the Muhammad Talha Foundation has been serving humanity for the last 35 years without any kind of humanity, color and race and this Foundation has not belonged to any political party, even if it is Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam on the ticket.
“We invite all to come and join us in this noble cause, our doors are open for all,” he said. In order to distribute these relief goods, the most honest and non-controversial people will be selected to distribute it among the deserving people.
When this convoy of forty trucks arrived in Chitral, there were a large number of people. Addressing a public gathering on the occasion, Talha Mahmood said that the promise made to the public before the election despite that I did not succeed in the election, but fulfilled what I had announced before the election.
Now 250 handicraft centers will be opened under the self-employment scheme for women across lower and upper Chitral, which will make people self-sufficient and get rid of the needs of others by earning themselves.