Faiq hopes next govt prioritizes the country’s betterment


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party said that history has been made after massive voters’ turnout in elections 2024 and emphasized the need to lead the country toward prosperity.
He expressed hope that the next government would work for the country’s benefit. He commended the efforts for early formation of government to foster democracy.
The ATP chief praised the elections as a positive sign for the nation and added, “Now, I hope whoever comes into power will work for the country.”
He demanded the implementation of pre-polls commitments and manifesto and to frame a roadmap of progress through political harmony instead of deceiving again and again to the people.
Shah was talking to the media here on Sunday. He felicitated all winning candidates and heads of various political parties over success in the general elections 2024.
Now, this is the requirement of the present scenario to move on from the politics of anarchy and polarization, the ATP chief asserted.
Shah stressed the need of thinking above self-interest and should initiate synergise efforts in bringing political and economic stability and to make democracy functional and purposeful.
He hoped the elections will become pivotal for bringing peace and prosperity in our beloved Pakistan.
He stressed the importance of guiding the country towards prosperity.
Faiq emphasized that the politics of hate should be shunned and work together for stability and flourishing democracy in the country. He said his party is ready to provide a comprehensive roadmap to lead the country toward sustainable economic growth and development.
The ATP chief said concrete policies should be enforced to ensure social and economic justice to people.
He said his party has struggled for the last seven years to ensure public authority and justice, which has brought fruitful results.
He made it clear that issues cannot be resolved until provision of public authority and justice.
Also, he said only young and competent people can steer the country out of the crisis situations.