CPNE Islamabad/Rawalpindi Committee announced


Sardar Khan Niazi named Chairman, Yahya Khan Sadozai Deputy Chairman
President of the Council of the Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE) Kazim Khan has announced the constitution and names of the CPNE Islamabad/Rawalpindi Committee.
According to the circular, the committee consists of Chairman, Deputy Chairman and 14 members, all senior working journalists hailing from well-established media houses.
According to the decision, Chief Editor Patriot Group/Chairman Daily Pakistan Sardar Khan Niazi has been named as Chairman of the committee while Editor-in-Chief of Daily Lead Pakistan Yahya Khan Sadozai has been picked for the position of the Deputy Chairman.
The members of the committee include: Salman Masood (The Nation, Islamabad), Tahir Farooq (Daily Jehad Islamabad), Shakeel Turabi (Sabah News Agency, Islamabad), Mian Abrar (Daily Pakistan Today, Islamabad), Mumtaz Ahmed Sadiq (Roznama Khbar Kar, Rawalpindi), Abdus Salam Bath (Roznama Bay Laus Islamabad), Tazeen Akhtar (Roznama Azkar Islamabad), Sajjad Abbasi (Roznama Ummat Rawalpindi), Mian Fazal Elahi (Monthly Diplomatic Focus Magazine Islamabad), Qaswar Jameel Roohani (Roznama Sang-e-Meel Islamabad), Amir Ilyas (Roznama Express Islamabad), Syed Safeer Hussain Shah (Legal Views Islamabad), Khalil-ur-Rehman (Rzonama Islam, Islamabad) and Muhammad Ali Zanjani (Monthly Aiyna Qismat Islamabad).
In a statement, Secretary General of the CPNE Amir Mehmood felicitated the leadership and the office-bearers of the CPNE committee Islamabad/Rawalpindi and hoped the committee under the leadership of the chairman and the deputy chairman would resolve all the pressing issues being faced by the newspapers, magazines, media houses, journalists and employees of the media industry.
One of the objectives of the committee will be to highlight the challenges to Freedom of Speech, uplift the working conditions of journalists, draw the attention of the authorities towards the problems being faced by the working journalists and make efforts to resolve them.
The committee, he said, is also entitled to hold discussions, organize seminars, roundtables and sessions with intellectuals, thinkers, politicians and personalities from different walks of life. The committee will also update the CPNE Central Body about the steps, decisions, recommendations, suggestions it will take off and on and will also apprise about its performance report.