CPO Safe City/Traffic holds meeting at Safe City Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: According to details, a special meeting was held under the supervision of CPO Safe City/Traffic at the Safe City command and control center, a police public relations officer said. He said that, in the meeting, all senior officers of Safe City Islamabad participated and presented reports regarding their work. CPO Safe City/Traffic praised the officers’ performance and further directed to enhance the capabilities of Safe City’s. Moreover, the e-challan branch was commended for increasing e-challan collections from 6% to 42%, and they were encouraged to work even better and more efficiently, he added. CPO Safe City/Traffic also praised Dolphin Squad officers for their exceptional performance in providing excellent professional services against criminal elements and ensuring impartial enforcement actions and employing effective strategies to eradicate crimes and apprehend involved individuals under the law. CPO Safe City/Traffic emphasized that officers and staff must demonstrate exemplary conduct, respect, and civility while interacting with citizens. He further said that, “The protection of life and property of citizens remains our top priority. We will not tolerate any elements to disrupt the peace and tranquility of citizens.” DNA