DHO Dr Kachkol, others suspended for mismanagement in covid-19 vaccination


Mardan: District Health Officer (DHO) Mardan Dr Kachkol Khan and two other health employees suspended due to mismanagement in Covid-19 vaccination at Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Takhatbhai.
Health Minister Timur Saleem Jhagra had issued an order of their suspension on his twitter account.
The DHO, in his tweet, also charged in another serious allegation upon the health employee that he allegedly sold Covid-19 vaccine and injected water to the people instead of the vaccine.
However, all this has been done because some people lodged complaints on the Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal alleging mismanagement in the use of Covid-19 vaccine and its alleged sale to unrelated people in Mardan.
According to reports, Health Minister Timur Jhagra said that the people of Mardan complained about the sale of Covid-19 vaccine and also vaccination to relatives and personal friends of people holding important positions in the DHO office.
The Health minister said that a committee will start investigation against DHO Dr Kachkol Khan and who was found guilty will not be forgiven.
Now, according to reports, the whole matter has been created by a doctor who reached the hospital along with his parents in the afternoon for vaccination.
However, the staff of the hospital told the doctor that the time of vaccination was finished. The staff exchanged harsh words with the doctor and told him that the time was up and he gave him permission from the head of the hospital.
After the incident the mentioned doctor lodged a complaint on the Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal and also sent it to Dr Faisal.
A few days before Eid, a local Urdu newspaper reported that an inquiry had been completed into the vaccination scam against Dr. Kachkol.
The complainant withdrew his complaint and in all incidents, Dr Kachkol Khan’s character was nowhere to be seen but was the result of a slight resentment.
Dr Kachkol Khan is known as an honest and conscientious officer in the health department. Due to his honesty and conscientiousness, the provincial government had appointed him as the head of the health department in Mardan.
People are of the opinion that some people in the health department were angry with Dr Kachkul Khan and he was removed through a conspiracy. It is also said that some lawmakers of Pakistan Threek-e-Insaf are allegedly involved in this conspiracy.
Immediately after this incident, the lawyers of Takhatbhai Bar also passed a resolution against this incident and demanded immediate reinstatement of Dr Kachkol Khan. Now, if the role of Dr Kachkol Khan was not seen in the inquiry, then why is the government not restoring him on his post.
Now the government’s refusal to reinstate Dr. Kachkol is giving the impression that Dr.Kachkol has been removed from his post under a conspiracy. Another incident of mismanagement regarding Covid-19 vaccination has taken place in police line Mardan.
When a picture was shared on social media in which a teenage boy named Aman, who allegedly introduced himself as a police PRO, was vaccinating in the presence of police officers. In this connection posts were shared in various WhatsApp groups.
However Mardan police spokesman denied the allegations, saying the boy in the photo had not been vaccinated but had only conceived to pose.
The next day, several newspapers reported the incident. However, the representatives of some major newspapers of the province refrained from publishing the news due to personal friendship and privileges of the police officers and maintained their loyalty.
People in private gatherings say that a few years ago, a former district police chief of Mardan issued an order banning the boy from visiting police stations, police stations, police lines and other police offices.
Now, if we look, it has become a daily routine for such youths to come and go in the offices of district administration and police officers of Mardan. It is also being said in private gatherings that district officers of Mardan have established pages and websites on social media for their daily activities, however unrelated people are running these government websites and Facebook pages.
The people of Mardan are now waiting for the restoration of former District Health Officer Dr Kachkol Khan who was found innocent in the inquiry and also waiting that the Chief Minister and honest police chief of KP will immediately take notice of mismanagement in covid-19 vaccines in the police department.