Dr. Marcella adressed Presentation on “Contemporary Artists from Pakistan”


Islamabad: Dr. Marcella Sirhandi an Educationist, Researcher, Historian, Writer & Critic delivered a thought providing lecture on Contemporary Pakistani Artists here at the PNCA Auditorium, Islamabad.
Dr. Marcella earned her PhD in Art History on the topic, A.R.Chughtai: A Modern Pakistani Artist in 1984 from the Ohio State University where as her Master Degree in Art History was from California State University in 1974, her topic then was Pit-Loom Weaving in Swat, Pakistan.
Dr. Marcella is associated with the teaching profession since 1984 as visiting faculty, served as Assistant Professor, rose to Associate Professor, Professor and since 2013-to-date she is Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri, Kansas City.
Marcella in her todays lecture highlighted and elaborated the art works of Pakistani artists with the help of slides and explained the ongoing art movement in Pakistan in her words, a number of Pakistani artists are leading innovation in the international art world. Among them are miniature painters trained at NCA by Bashir Ahmad.
Shazia Sikander and Imran Qureshi have expanded the genre and are producing video, installations, murals while still paying tribute to the traditional skills. Multimedia artists like Rashid Rana, Adeela Suleman, Hamra Abbas are resetting the parameters for sculptural practice adding layers of meaning that redefine what it is to be Pakistani.
Other artists like Sabah Hussain are to combine Far Eastern Tradition with Indo-Persian classical music and poetry and Anwar Saeed challenges traditional intimate relationship. She appreciated the role of art galleries in Pakistan and said that she loves National Art Gallery building and feel honour to be here.
Earlier Director General Jamal Shah well come its august guest and appreciated her love for Pakistani art and artists. Marcella has a soft corner for the Pakistani art and is highlighting and projecting it at all the available occasions. We will take the opportunity of her presence to have her guidance for planning the forth coming art biennale and national exhibition. A large number of artists and art students avail the opportunity of learning from Marcella.