Echelon America: predictive analysis


Tammy Swofford

Research involving a topic of interest is collapsed into a two-year envelope. It then opens up into a prediction for two years in advance. Having closely followed the personae of President-elect Donald J. Trump for 18 months, I choose to take a leap from a cliff of intuitiveness and catapult forward into the year 2020. What will America look like in four years? Let me walk you through my thoughts. I will use a bullet format, such as the one used for military officer evaluations.
Our POTUS-elect envisions an America with a square root potentiality:
* America’s national needs will no longer be managed by backroom deals with our vast political lobby conglomerate. Trump has a nation to run. He will run the deals like the steeds coming out of the starting gate at Belmont. Congressional members will find themselves increasingly tethered regarding their capabilities to strike and manage trade deal packages from conception to birth. America will engage robust processes, which will strengthen the viability of our republic and negotiations will be managed by skilled management residing beyond the halls of Congress.
* The domestic job market will be invigorated on scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution.Economic inducements and regulatory relief will create a renaissance within our light industry sector and our rust belt corrosion will halt.
* Management of educational mandates will transition back into the hands of individual states so that curricula will address the unique educational needs of specific demographics. The Federal Branch will continue to exert control over the metrics of educational achievement. But individual school districts will engage policy reforms that promote meritocracy over mediocrity, “Only first place counts.” This is the vision of our President-elect. We will witness a noticeable improvement in national achievement scores alongside a renewal of vocation-based educational offerings for those who do not aspire to higher education. A precedence model for state management of public schools will invigorate a bureaucratic system that is remarkably stagnant in spite of a steady infusion of federal funds. Talent will be rewarded. Educators who reside within a demographic representing waste allocation, lack of innovation and creativity will be fired. Control of educational offerings that reflect the social mores of the various regions will be returned to the state. Regulations which are liability-driven, which place a stranglehold on classroom control and the ability to effectively discipline students, will be replaced with policy measures that return the control of the classroom to the teacher.
* The American workforce will be enviable based on the distinct perception of our POTUS-elect regarding the working class. The model is not Marxism, which views each individual as a unit of labour under the ownership of the state. The model is one of opportunity-capitalism in which the responsibility of the state is to provide the labour opportunities so that each individual can serve as a pioneer of their own destiny. The job market will be invigorated and a model of generational family poverty will find itself confronted with both opportunity and accountability.
* The fraudulent talons of Medicaid will be clipped and there will be a greater demand for accountability for the use and/or fraudulent use of U.S. tax dollars.
* Government fraud and waste will decrease and bureaucratic malfeasance will be confronted with legal writ.
Our POTUS-elect envisions an America with strengthened sovereign borders:
* By 2020 the flow of illegal immigration into America will be an apparition compared to what has been allowed for many years. Behind the “visible” wall will be a vast array of invisible walls which will better manage what has been akin to a chaos theory for national sovereignty. America will remain generous with her immigration quotas, but conversely, firm against those who seek to abuse our generosity. Extreme vetting will ensure that those who provide needed capabilities to support our republic will find themselves on fluid alpha lists for entry onto our soil. But conversely, those who seek to come as burden or threat against our state will find themselves residing on a different kind of precedence list. The latter, will serve as a visa blockade mechanism. Visa overstays will be dealt with quickly and in judicious manner.
Our POTUS-elect envisions an America with strategic military lethality.
* The blood and treasure of our nation will be the envy of allies and a warning to our enemies. Because our military is one which is not built upon a model of conscription, greater care will ensue to safeguard both life and limb of the members of our armed forces. Post- 9/11 military incursions have provided us with two cautionary tales. It can be simple to amputate power structures but nearly impossible to disassemble ideologies. And along the same lines, the loss of physical limbs of our military members since 9/11 is akin to a hidden national tragedy. What has been good for the prosthetics business has been incredibly bad for our volunteer military force.
* Donald J. Trump will modernise our military. More importantly, a movement toward innovation with the use of robotics and nanotechnology applications will provide greater force protection.
* Quick sword. Our military will be a terrible, quick sword. Our regular army configuration will be drawn down slightly concurrently with a robust and strengthened special forces configuration. Swift, surgical precision strikes in tandem with special forces operations will create diminished footprints under a plausible deniability paradigm. We will be “in” and “out” of some of the worst hot spots with such rapidity that the media will not have the report out at the time of the strike. These lethal human platforms will be positioned across the globe along the waterways, on the high seas, and within bases on terra firma both known and unknown to our enemies. There will be no Benghazi moment with Donald J. Trump. Our ambassadors will be rescued, our citizens across the globe protected, and when things become a cluster, the truth will be told to the American people.